Wellington Case Report. MEDICAL REPORT I.C, 37 YEARS, MALE

                     10TH MARCH, 2023




HOSP NO: WCA/ 6062/2023



1.      Meningioma

2.      Costochondritis

Management Plan:

·         Tabs Carbamazepine 200mg daily but emphasis more to remove the tumour

·         To do Brain MRI (contrasted)

·         Give cost implication for surgery

 Background History: He presented with 7months history of insidious onset headache with impairment of conscious with feeling of heaviness on head, associated with dizziness and imbalance. Above symptoms are rather persistent and has been concern to him and his family. It has indeed prompted the advice to return to the country for his new relocation (Cyprus) in other to receive medical treatment and check-up. He has also conducted several consultations and investigations including Brain Scan (CT Scan). And he has been advised by a fiend to come to this center. He has also been trouble with persisting pains in the upper right chest region which has cause him to seek various helps including trado- medical as evidence by multiple scarification seen. Acupuncture, but all to no avail. The chest X- ray conducted before he came was essentially normal.


Neurological; and General Findings is normal

Neuroimaging and Diagnosis

CT Scan ( Brain ): Shows Right contrast enhancing 2by 3by 4cm mass situated on the junction between anterior and parasagittal /parafancine region.

This features are in keeping with meningioma


Fig- 1 Contrasted CT Head- Avidly contrast enhancing middle third parasagittal /parafancine Meningioma


17 Mar, 2023
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