MEDICAL REPORT K. O, 36 YEARS, Male with Multiple Skull lesion -

 23rd January 2023.










Diagnosis: Multiple Skull lesion - multiple myeloma, metastaic lesion primary

Operation Performed- Stealth Guided Biopsy of Right Parietal Convexity Mass Lesions

Date of operation- 23rd Jan 2023

Back ground Presenting Information:

The above-named patient presented to this facility with a one month history of headache and blurry vision for nine days. Headache is generalized ,gradual in onset progressively worsening and ,feels like a burning sensation on his head. It,radiates down to his neck suboccipital regions as well as down the spinal axis and the limbs in a very unspecific pattern.There is no known relieving or aggravating factors .No vomiting,no nausea,no LOC, no seizure.

Neurology examination findings -His pupils were 3mm bilaterally, non reactive bilaterally with no perception to light bilaterally. GCS-15/15 E-4, M-6, V-5

He was initially reveieded by a neurologist in view of the non specific axial and appendiculatr pains with a suspicion of Spondylotic diseases of the spine but nothing significant was found but on account of the blurring of vision, he was referred to the ophthalmologist who intern recommended brain scan. This showed multiple osteolytic mass lesions with the following differential diagnosis- multiple myeloma, metastatic deposits etc

A STEALTH GUIDED BIOPSY  targeting one of the right parietal convexity  lesions was  recommended. He was counseled and planned for the procedure accordingly

Pre- op Management

·         FBC – WBC- 5.47, PCV- 44.51%, PLT- 279.

·         E/U/Cr – Na-144.1, K- 3.66, Ur- 11.86, Cr- 0.57.

·         Clotting Profile – APPT- 32.9, PT-12.6, and INR-0.9.

·         Serology – Non reactive for HIV1&2, VDRL, HCV and HbsAg.

·         Brain MRI- Multiple skull lesions

·         ECG – Normal findings.

·         Group and cross match one pint of blood.

·         DVT Prophylaxis – TED stockings applied.

·         Informed consent taken.


·         Pre-operative contrasted MRI brain revealed Multiple skull lesion on his skull. Largest at the occipital measuring 4x 3cm

·         Contrast enhanced stealth CT brain was done to facilitate Neuronavigation procedure


·         .


Operative Findings

·         3 x 3cm fleshy yellowish white fleshy mass.

·          Markedly thinned out skull bone surrounding the tumour.

·         No overlying skull bone on the tumour

Operative Procedure-

·         Under GA + ETT

·         Patient was placed supine position and Mayfield pin.

·         Sterile cleaning  & drapping

·          Cold registration of patients fudisial with the stealth machine and stealth guided localization of surgical site

·          5cm linear incision made centered on the tumour, Hemostasis secured

·          Via meticulous dissection, the tumour was dissected around  and a plane developed between it and the dura , then excised in bloc

·         Above findings noted.

·         Tumour bed haemostasis secured.

·         Wound  drain was placed.

·         Wound closed in layers with vicryl 2/0 and staples

·         Immediate Post op satisfactory

Post op Managements.

·          Transfer to ICU for recovery after extubation.

·         IV Fluid 0.9% N/S 1L 8hrly for 24hrs

·         IV Rocephine 1g 12hrly

·         IV  PCM 600mg 8hrly x 24hrs

·         IV  Tramadol 50mg 12hrly x24hrs

·         Commence oral sips when fully awake

·         IV Dexamethasone 4mg 8hrly x 24hrs,then

·          Tabs Dxamethasone 2mg tds

·         Tabs Rabreprazole 20mg dly.

·         Counsel patient on surgical findings and other treatment plan.

·         Send specimen for histology.

His post op recovery from anesthesia is uneventful and his post op medications will be administered as prescribed. Thereafter he will be discharged home. Histology report is expected within the next two weeks after which a definitive treatment will be advised based on the outcome of the histology report.

Please consider this a preliminary report and contact us again for any further clarifications.


Dr Halima Ibrahim MD

For Team Wellington Clinics Abuja

29 Mar, 2023
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