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Brain Surgery: Wellington Acquires 1st Neuro-navigation System In Nigeria

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Nigerians in need of Neurosurgery may no longer have to travel abroad to seek quality medical services again.

This is as the Wellington Neurosurgery Center in Abuja, yesterday acquired and launched the first Neuro-navigation system in Nigeria.

The Navigation System will speed up the process of Brain Surgery while showing the specific areas of concentration needed for treatment.

The Center’s Partnering Surgeons, Dr. Charlse Ugwuanyi and Dr. Douglas Okor who are specialists in Brain, Complex Spine and Neurovascular treatments said it is a new feat for the private health sector, as far as neurosurgery is concerned.

“Very useful, an equipment that is used for high precision, accuracy in operations of the brain, it also has applications in orthopaedic surgery and ENT surgery says Dr. Ugwuanyi

“Without the machine, we had to rely on estimations though this comes with experience and at times, one may run into complications during operations. The navigation system will help to reduce such, reduce morbidity and mortality and improve efficiency”, he added.

Ugwuanyi also said the center is open to collaboration with other private practitioners who may be interested in making use of the machine for such operations.

“If you want to come and use the equipment, provided you know how to operate it, feel free and come, if it is training we are ever ready; Metronic USA also intends to use this center to train interested surgeons,” he said.

Further more, one of the surgeons, Dr. Douglas Okor said the idea behind purchasing of the first class surgery equipment was to reduce medical tourism in Nigeria, as there are capable Surgeons to offer good healthcare services.

He said, “For complex brain surgery in the United Kingdom, you will spend nothing less than 75 thousand pounds, for a high complex brain surgery in the US, you should be put up at least 150 thousand dollars and in India, it should be around 20 thousand dollars without the cost of transportation.”

“But doing it in Nigeria at a reduced rate and without having to pay for any travel cost is the best bet for Nigerians,” he added.

23 Jan, 2017
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