Microscopic and Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery at the Wellington


Wellington Hospitals Abuja Perfects Minimally Invasive Endoscopic and Microscopic Pituitary Surgery to stop Blindness.

Set up for Microscopic and Endoscopic nasal approach to the pituitary tumors

Mrs OF is a 53 year old Nigerian from the South South Nigeria. Mrs CC is a 52 year old Nigerian from the South East of Nigeria. They both had some things in common.  What? They were both on medical tourism headed to India, Egypt. Why? Progressive visual failure since two years.  They sought help from several eye doctors, changed glasses several times but situation rather got worse. And finally MRI brain confirmed a diagnosis of Pituitary tumor pressing on the visual apparatus in the brain. Devastated they were advised to seek help outside the shores of Nigeria. According to their separate interviews they were told the operation needed to treat this ailment and preserve the remaining vision is not available anywhere in Nigeria. And even when available, they will need to have their heads opened and yet no guarantees of success without much morbidities.

But then they heard about the Wellington Neurosurgery Centre Abuja where this operation is not only possible but is routinely done without opening the head. The tumor is approached through the nose with the aid of an endoscope or a microscope. Consequently the resultant morbidity is very minimal and post op recovery is very quick. And vision is saved. Imagine going blind because of a tumor that can be operated!

Both patients had their operations successfully conducted last month and will be reviewed again in three monthly intervals.  They were happy for saving them, their family the hard earned resources from expensive medical tourism and also providing even better quality care locally. There have been several similar cases like these.

This is our drive at the Wellington: Providing equal opportunity locally to stem medical tourism. You will recall that in our previous posts we have demonstrated that we presently play a big and pioneering role in computer assisted brain surgery (Neuronavigation) and many Nigerians have indeed benefitted.

Wellington Pubs August 2017.

21 Aug, 2017
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