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Application for the post of an experienced pharmacist is urgently needed at the Wellington Clinics Abuja.Interested applicants can forward their application and necessary documents to the clinic email below as well as hard copy can be sent to the clinicAfter review qualified applicants will be invit...
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BRAND NEW CT SCAN - Wed Nov 22, 2017
We are happy to announce that the Wellington newly installed GE revolution CT with capacity for neurovascular and peripheral vascular imaging has just been commissioned by GE and is presently open to the public. Please use it when the need arises and be sure of timely and quality services. ...
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Vacancy - Mon Sep 11, 2017
Need urgently at the wellington clinics is a Peri-operative Nurse and an ICU Nurse. Kindly send your CV to info@wellingtonclinicsabuja.comSignedHuman Resources....
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Microscopic and Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery at the Wellington - Mon Aug 21, 2017
  Wellington Hospitals Abuja Perfects Minimally Invasive Endoscopic and Microscopic Pituitary Surgery to stop Blindness. Set up for Microscopic and Endoscopic nasal approach to the pituitary tumors Mrs OF is a 53 year old Nigerian from the South South Nigeria. Mrs CC is a 52 ye...
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Simplifying Brain surgery with Neuro-navigation: Case Report on Stealth Guided Biopsy of deep Brain - Tue Feb 28, 2017
She works as a ticketing officer with an airline and lives in Lagos with her husband and her child. Since four months, she was troubled by persisting and rather worsening headache, left sided eye pain, photophobia and diplopia . Headache was worse in the morning and associated with vomiting. She ...
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